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Armenia – 2013 Presidential Elections: An Opportunity for Statesmanship

Reporting from Armenia:Artur Papyan Unless Armenia’s next presidential election is fair and gives its winner a strong political mandate, the government will lack the legitimacy needed to implement comprehensive reforms, tackle corruption and negotiate a peaceful end to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. Armenia: An Opportunity for Statesmanship, the latest report from the International Crisis Group, examines … Continue reading

Fly-In to Syria

Reporting from Israel: Yovav Kalifon I’ve been thinking a lot about Syria. What started as an “Arab-Spring” wave of demonstrations in early 2011 has developed into a bloody civil war, with 10,000 civilians dead in over a year of fighting. We keep receiving video footage and eye-witness accounts from Syria portraying widespread atrocities such as … Continue reading

Armenia Seems Content With Its Elections

Armenia Seems Content With Its Elections

Reporting from Armenia: Artur Papayan Looks like Armenia is more or less content with the outcome of the parliamentary elections that took place on May 6. Armenian president Serzh Sargsyan’s Republican party won a decisive victory and strengthened their hold on the National Assembly. The Republican faction had 62 mandates in the 131 seat parliament elected in … Continue reading