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The Blast That Changed Everything – One Year Later

The Blast That Changed Everything – One Year Later

Reporting from Belarus: Nick Shchetko Belarus was always considered a relatively peaceful country. Nothing really bad happens here, we believed. We had no terrorist attacks, no interethnic conflicts, no massive catastrophes… But suddenly it all changed in a just one day. It is a day that trembles in the hearts of nearly every Belarusian man and … Continue reading

Youth in Belarus: vis-à-vis the EU visa challenge

Reporting from Belarus: Nick Shchetko Isn`t youth the best period in life to travel? Absolutely! But young Belarusians nowadays face a serious barrier when they want to go West or North, and the barrier is the “Schengen visa policy”. For many citizens of Belarus – a small country bordering the European Union to the West … Continue reading

A thriving slice of the Belarusian Labour Market

Reporting from Belarus: Nick Shchetko Skilled Information technology (IT) specialists are of high value in nearly any spot of  the world, but it seems that only in Belarus they`re officially declared as the sole leaders of the official TOP-salary list! Being paid about three times more than the country average, those programmers, project managers and other … Continue reading