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Brain Drain in Nigeria

Reporting from Nigeria: Emeka Nweze This entry pertains to the brain drain phenomenon that is crippling Nigeria. I would like to begin by apologizing for the long bout of silence. It is poor taste to for anyone discuss in purple passages his or her jeremiads so I’ll leave it at that and transition into the topic … Continue reading

A Case Against Race

A Case Against Race

Reporting from Nigeria: Emeka Nweze This entry pertains to “interracial” marriages and the distinction between ignorance and impoverishment of knowledge. History was made in the year 1967 when the United States Supreme Court finally decided the Racial Integrity Act of 1924 was pretty stupid and ended all restrictions on marriages between “races”. Less than fifty … Continue reading

The state of public transportation in Nigeria

The state of public transportation in Nigeria

Reporting from Nigeria – Emeka Nweze Most of my readers are no doubt aware of the airplane that crashed into Nigeria’s most densely populated city on June 4, effectively killing all one hundred and fifty three passengers on board. What most of my readers are most likely unfamiliar with is the fact that the ill-fated airplane … Continue reading

Why Solar Power Won’t Work in Nigeria…

Reporting from Nigeria: Emeka Nweze NEPA is acronym. It stands for National Electric Power Authority. Upon completion of this entry however, it is my intention to use all means necessary to contact this “organization”. The formal complaint I intend to lodge is a simple one. The acronym is a misnomer or, at the very least, … Continue reading

Pale Blue Dot – Reflections on Boko Haram

Reporting from Nigeria: Emeka Nweze The term Boko Haram is Hausa and loosely translates to “western education is sacrilege”. Right off the bat, the problem of consistency rears its head. That the founder of the group, a Mohammed Yusuf, held a graduate degree and drove a car is easy enough to refute or substantiate. Then there … Continue reading

Breaking the Bubble

Reporting from Nigeria: Emeka Nweze Media theorist Neil Postman gave a symposium a couple of years back. It was titled “informing ourselves to death.” In this symposium, he argued that one side effect of the information age is that the average person is beset at all sides by information. Assaulted. Glutted. Drowning in it. Postman’s dominant jeremiad … Continue reading