Key Facts

Capital: Minsk
Population: 9,542,883 (July 2012 est.)
Ethnic Groups: Belarusian 81.2%, Russian 11.4%, Polish 3.9%, Ukrainian 2.4%, other 1.1%
Religion: Eastern Orthodox 80%, other (Roman Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim) 20%
Age Structure:0-14 years: 14.2%; 15-64 years: 71.7%; over 65 years: 14.1%
GDP/GDP Growth Rate: $57.7 billion/5%
Health Expenditure: 5.8% of GDP
Maternal Mortality: 15 deaths/100,000 live births
Education Expenditure: 4.5% of GDP
Unemployment: 1% (does not include underemployed)
Military Expenditure: 1.4% of GDP
Mobile Phones: 10.333 million
Internet Users: 2.643 million


Who’s Reporting

Nick Shchetko

Nick is a 27 year old Information Communications Technology (ICT) journalist/editor/analyst from Belarus, with 12+ years of related experience. He works as a contributing editor (technology) for the largest Belarusian web-media, TUT.BY. Nick covers variety of topics from social issues to advanced technology breakthroughs. He is keen on mobile and web-development, translation, reading and volleyball.” Also follow Nick’s personal blog at: