Key Facts

Capital: Dhaka
Population: 161,083,804 (July 2012 est.)
Ethnic Groups: Bengali 98%, other 2%
(includes tribal groups, non-Bengali Muslims)
Religion: Muslim 89.5%, Hindu 9.6%, other 0.9%
Age Structure:0-14 years: 34.3%; 15-64 years:
61.1%;over 65 years: 4.7%
GDP/GDP Growth Rate: $115.9 billion/6.3%
Health Expenditure: 3.4% of GDP
Maternal Mortality: 48.99 deaths/100,000 live births
Education Expenditure: 2.4% of GDP
Unemployment: 9.3%
Military Expenditure: 1.3% of GDP
Mobile Phones: 68.65 million
Internet Users: 617,300


Who’s Reporting

Shahana Siddiqui

Shahana Siddiqui is a development practitioner and a member of the Drishtipat Writers’ Collective. She contributes regularly for the Forum Magazine, the monthly policy focused magazine brought out by the largest English daily in Bangladesh, The Daily Star. She is also the co-founder of a youth-based free political thinking forum called The Bangladeshi ( Shahana can be reached