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YouTube: Internet Download Speed Doubles in Armenia

Reporting from Armenia: Artur Papyan Internet speed in Armenia continues to grow at a mind-blowing pace. A direct indicator of this comes from the statistics provided by YouTube, according to which average download speed of videos from Armenia has reached about 3.2 mbps in March 2012. The average YouTube download speed last year was about 1.4 mbps, while in 2010 … Continue reading

In Armenia women are worse off than in Georgia, better off than in Azerbaijan

Reporting from Armenia: Artur Papyan The Economist Intelligence Unit has published the “Women’s Economic Opportunity Index 2012” along with a report, which attempt to measure progress in the economic advancement of women around the world. The result is a comprehensive assessment of the enabling environment for women’s economic participation in 128 countries. The Index aims to … Continue reading

Putin Gets 89% Votes of Armenia’s Russian Citizens

Reporting from Armenia: Artur Papyan More than 10 thousand voters took part in Russia’s presidential polls in Armenia on Sunday, Caucasus Knot reports. Russian citizens living in Armenia, including the soldiers of the Russian military base and border guard voted in 10 polling stations operating in the territory of Armenia. Russia’s twice former president, now … Continue reading