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Activists Warn of Poaching in Khosrov Forest State Preserve

Activists Warn of Poaching in Khosrov Forest State Preserve

Reporting from Armenia: Artur Papyan  Armenia — Environmental activist Mariam Sukhudian holds up the torn head of a bezoar goat, Khosrov reserve, 18Sep2012 Environmental activists Mariam Sukhudian and Yeghia Nersissian are blowing the whistle  They have visited the “Kaqavaberd” area of Khosrov Forest State Preserve and discovered remnants of endangered animals around what seems to be festive bonfires of … Continue reading

Why Solar Power Won’t Work in Nigeria…

Reporting from Nigeria: Emeka Nweze NEPA is acronym. It stands for National Electric Power Authority. Upon completion of this entry however, it is my intention to use all means necessary to contact this “organization”. The formal complaint I intend to lodge is a simple one. The acronym is a misnomer or, at the very least, … Continue reading

Governance a threat to Nigeria’s Climate

Reporting from Nigeria: Mercy Abang The WIKIPEDIA encyclopedia, to choose a commonly accessible definition, defines good governance as an indeterminate term used in development literature to describe how public institutions conduct public affairs and manage public resources in order to guarantee the realization of human rights. [a] Governance describes “the process of decision-making and the process by which … Continue reading