Nomadic Mindburst brings local voices and perspectives to news from around the globe. With the explosion of social media technology, blogs, computers, and mobile phones, those at the center of events shaping today’s world are reporting on-the-ground accounts of what is happening, why it is happening, and what it means, both for their neighborhood, and for the world.

Nomadic Mindburst provides a platform for civil society leaders and activists to engage the policy process (at the national, regional, and international levels), through sharing perspectives and analyses on events happening around them.  Through contributor posts, Nomadic Mindburst  seeks to bring attention to voices calling for change, by providing the “stories behind the headlines,” and bringing forth local nuance shaping world events.  All contributors are from and living in the countries where they are reporting.

Read the Nomadic Mindburst daily features for local insights and personal stories into key events and issues, and continue to follow the individual contributors’  feeds to stay abreast of the day-to-day stories shaping events around them.

Contribute to Nomadic Mindburst

Nomadic Mindburst relies on local voices and perspectives to report on the stories and issues shaping the news. If you are interested in contributing to Nomadic Mindburst,  please contact us.  Nomadic Mindburst is seeking writers from both currently listed and new countries. Write to nomadicmindburst@gmail.com