An Explanation (Reflections from Armenia)

Reporting from Armenia: Artur Papyan

ImageI owe an explanation to the readers of my blog. I haven’t posted for quite a while. The reason – well, it’s complicated.

Lack of time is the main reason. I feel I’ve got too much to do at work and I keep adding on responsibilities and taking volunteer tasks, so I’m usually quite overwhelmed. I’m determined to change this from now on.

Building my own house is another reason.  After nearly 10 years of living in rented apartments, I finally moved to my half-built house in one of the remote suburbs of Yerevan and started building it.  This consumed the few remains of my free time and all my financial resources since August and I’m not even half through the construction.  In fact, I only have a proper bathroom. That’s about it. The rest of the house is a mess and I feel shy even when friends say they want to visit. What am I going to show them? And what are they going to think about me for living in such conditions…

Huge disappointment about the political developments in Armenia is the third reason. Looking at the Armenian opposition as well as the civil society I see no hope, that anything can ever improve in this broken country. And this feeling often makes me wonder, are my efforts at work worth it and does it make sense for me to complete the construction of my house, or should I just pack and leave.

However, as the new year comes into force and the incumbent president Serzh Sarkissian continues to force his way through a second term, I feel that I have a responsibility to keep blogging, primarily for myself – to try to reflect on what’s happening and also for those few remaining readers that I may still have despite my long absence.  I guess I have to do it, because otherwise all the rest of the stuff I’m doing – work, building a house and even walking the dog, will become completely pointless.  Because why would I need to work, or build a house for if I see no future and no reason. Nope, I’m not going to give up, even though common sense prompts me, that its the only logical course of action…

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