Israel is just trying to fool everyone

Reporting from Israel: Ran Bar-Yoshafat

Israel. Israel with its constant goal of defending itself to the international community, justifying its actions, proving its significance to the world, its support of human rights and mainly, pretending that it is not an ‘apartheid’ state, its false pretenses runs so deep that it is reflected in all its actions. Allow me to share some examples of this sickening phenomenon.


Israel’s actions are inconceivable. Namely, its Apartheid wall.  They claim that just because 97% of this wall is really a fence, it should be referred to as a fence. This is their attempt at convincing the international community that it is not an apartheid wall. Wall or fence, it serves the same purpose: Segregation.  Israel justifies this wall. They claim that it was built in order to protect their citizens from “suicide bombers” and thus, only constructed it 34 years after the establishment of their state. This 34 year wait was really just a cover-up for their real intentions. They said the purpose was to protect them from “suicide bombers”. Suicide bombers I ask you? These are young men and woman, freedom fighters! And while fighting for freedom, casualties sometimes take form in the killings of a thousand Israeli woman, men and children. But accidents happen while fighting for freedom. It is hard to understand the Israeli nerve, to claim that the building of the wall was due to the attacks against Israelis between the years of 2000-2005. Why not tell the truth? Why not give the real reason for the construction of the wall? They want more land. That’s all they have ever really wanted, and they will take it at any cost. The decrease in suicide bombings since its construction is yet just another reason on their list of excuses. I mean, yeah, they did give the whole Sinai Peninsula, which is more than twice the size of the Israeli state, but I just know they are in it for the land.

Israel also has “check-points” – A place where they have the audacity to violate privacy laws in order to conduct a physical check that will determine if individuals have explosives on them.  As a result, people have to wait in line for hours. They justify this “security check” by checking everyone: Israelis, Palestinians and tourists alike, but it practice, it is only the Palestinian people. I mean, they are the only ones who suffer. So what if every Israeli is being checked whenever they go to a shopping mall, a school or a bank? They only check the 7.3 million people in Israel as well so they can justify the checking of the Palestinians. Where else in the entire world does one have to go through security in order to enter the country?  Aside from every single airport… but this is a bad example since unlike in airports, Israel’s security measures are intentional in order to hurt the Palestinian people. Look at the facts – the checkpoint go up and down. Again, the Israelis pretend it is because of the terror alerts, when obviously it is because of the mood of the current Israeli government. I mean, what makes more sense to you?

“Equal Rights”

One of Israel’s biggest violations is its attempt to disguise itself as a democracy. They do so by providing their citizens with equal rights such as the rights to vote, to be elected etc. They have freedom of press, freedom of assembly, freedom of speech – all under the false pretenses of being a democracy. But it does not stop there; they even have Arab members of Knesset (The Israeli Parliament) dating back to the first elections in 1948.  The most amazing thing about these Arab members of Knesset is that they each belong to different parties from all different political spectrums. Israel even had an Israeli-Arab Supreme Court Judge who convicted the former Jewish president, sending him to jail. Look how far this Jewish state will go in order to fool the world into thinking that it is a democracy, when it is clear that they are not. They are not, since they are not treating the Palestinians who are not within Israeli borders as equal citizens. Are they? Granted, these Palestinians are NOT citizens of Israel, NOR DO THEY WANT TO BE, but shouldn’t they get equal rights to that of an Israeli citizen, Jewish, Christian or Muslim alike? I mean, shouldn’t all Mexicans receive US rights? And all Canadians receive full Holland rights?

Pink washing

Israel tries to look like a vibrant democracy and by doing so, provide the LGBTQ community with full rights. They have Gay Members of Knesset. LGBTQ organizations even receive money from the government, adoption rights, legal homosexuality, legal protection for Gays from discrimination and hate crimes, spousal benefits, and if that is not enough, they allow them to remain “out of the closet” while serving in the Israeli Army. But obviously, the reason for this is in order to pretend that they care. Tel-Aviv was recently chosen as the number one place in the world to be Gay. Can you imagine how far Israel will go in order to pretend that it cares for these issues? Disgusting right?

Humanitarian aid

Israel, once again with their attempt at showing the world how deeply they “care” for others, is almost always the first to send aid after a humanitarian crises occurs. From Mexico to Argentina, Turkey to El Salvador. India, Peru, and Indonesia – Israel always provides help – just for its own sake. They don’t only help, but rather, they take it one step further: During the Rwanda refugee crisis, Israel opened field hospitals to aid the refuges. Israel sent supplies to Sri Lanka after the flood in 2003, and sent a mission to Southeast Asia after the 2004 Tsunami. Oh, and of course, their poor attempt to look like they care in Haiti, where they were the first on the scene with the best hospitals.

To prove how much they care, Israel goes to the extreme by providing agriculture assistance to over 30 countries worldwide, sharing medical discoveries and helping refugee resettlement. They even have an organization called “Save A child’s Heart”, where they treated over 1,500 children from over 20 countries around the world where medical care is unavailable. Many of them, by the way, are Palestinians. Can you imagine the Israeli nerve? “Helping” people when we all know they are all just doing it to harm the Palestinians. The connection may seem unclear, but if you think about it – it has to be because they want to harm them, no?

This false pretense has existed for too long. It has been going on for over 63 years, ever since Israel was established. I guess it is all part of a smart master plan; a plan to fake being a democracy and then argue when the truth is exposed.

(For those who still don’t get it – this article was written in a sarcastic tone. To say Israel is anything BUT a Democracy can only show a lack of some basic information)

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